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You want your dog to behave well in any situation, don't you?

That he or she listens to you even when other dogs or people are around? That he or she learns to pick up new skills and enjoy training?

Then you have come to the right place. I am a professional dog trainer with years of experience and a passion for dogs. I work according to the principles of positive reinforcement, using your dog's natural motivation to reward him or her for good behavior. This way, your dog learns in a fun and effective way what you expect from him or her.

But I also understand that not every situation is easy for your dog. Sometimes there are too many stimuli or temptations that can distract or frustrate your dog. In those cases, it may be necessary to correct your dog in a friendly but clear manner. I always do this with respect for your dog's personality and needs so that he or she feels safe and secure with me.

Through my individual approach and knowledge of dog behavior, I can guarantee that your dog will quickly and effectively learn to be obedient and proficient in all situations. And that you and your dog will develop an even better bond by training together.

Each dog needs an individual method that suits the dog but also suits YOU.
Your dog will have to be taught that, in situations where the distraction is greater than his reward, he must still listen to YOU.
The best advertising is the results we achieve; those results speak for themselves.

You love your dog and want him or her to be happy and obedient. But sometimes it seems like your dog doesn't listen to you, or even goes against you. You may have tried several trainers, but without much success. You wonder if there is a better way to train your dog.

Then I have good news for you. I am an experienced dog trainer who can help you become the pack leader your dog needs. I work using a natural and balanced method, using both positive rewards and appropriate corrections to teach your dog what is right and wrong. In this way, I create a harmonious relationship between you and your dog where you both respect and trust each other.

My method is based on the science of dog behavior and natural communication between dogs. I have over 35 years of experience training all kinds of dogs, from puppies to seniors, from purebreds to mongrels, from small dogs to large dogs. I know exactly what your dog needs to behave well in any situation.

But please note that my method is not suitable for everyone. Some people are unwilling to apply corrections, or think it is pathetic or unnecessary. That is their right, but then I cannot help them. My method only works if you are willing to be consistent and confident, and to give your dog both love and guidance.

I am happy to help you train your dog with a proven approach that works for you and your dog. You will receive personal guidance, professional advice and practical tips from me to find the right balance between corrections (if necessary) and rewards. This way your dog learns that good behavior pays off and that not listening has consequences.

You will benefit from my 35 years of experience in dog training and my knowledge of various training methods that I have studied and applied. I am an expert on dog behavior and I know what works and what doesn't. I teach you how to be confident and how to act as a pack leader so that your dog respects and follows you.

You can count on my honesty and flexibility to find an approach that suits your needs and abilities. If you only want to work with pure positive training without corrections, we will see if that is feasible together. If not, I will tell you honestly and refer you to other options.

In summary, I offer guidance, advice and tips to train your dog with a proven approach that works for you and your dog. I teach you confidence, leadership and balance to achieve the desired behavior in your dog.

The best advertising are the results that we achieve, those results speak for themselves.

Why have us train you?

Individual counseling

We begin with a 1 on 1 training session with you and your dog and look at which method is most appropriate.


You are at a loss for words ?
In a boot camp, your dog stays with us for 1-2 weeks and we work towards the desired behavior.

Small group classes

Small groups of 2-6 people where you train others together.