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Toxic Skylar De Sol Casa

Malinois Shepherd Born 25-5-2020

Strong, Dominant and Honest

Toxic Skylar (Sky) is a female from our own breeding.
Dam Nicky De Sol Casa x Rendez Vou version Malinois (Duc Christoph Joris)
Sister of Toxic Beast De sol Casa

- Confident dog
- Dominant but social
- Fair
- Good manageable
- Will to please
- Beautiful bitch

Sky is a fun dog to work with. She has a good drive from which we work a search and pack work. In pack work she stays calm with focus on the packer to bite that with a full bite.


ED 0/0
Spondylosis free/free
SDCA1 & SDCA2 n/n = free
CJM n/n = free
DNA Profile