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Bootcamp is an in-house dog training program with us.

Why boot camp can work well for your dog ?

Have you ever felt like you've tried everything but your dog is still causing problems?

  • Have you consulted countless trainers and experts, but no one could really help you?
  • Do you feel frustrated, powerless and misunderstood by negative reactions from those around you?
  • Are you looking for a personal, individual and tailored approach that fits your situation?
  • Are you disappointed by Internet videos that seem beautiful but don't work for you?
  • Does the conflicting advice from so-called dog experts on Facebook drive you crazy?
  • Are you willing to invest time, energy and effort in training and adapting yourself to improve your dog's behavior?
  • Do you want your dog to once again become a source of joy, love and fun for you and your family?

If this sounds familiar to you, you are probably in a vicious cycle and don't know how to get out. But there is a solution.

The solution in that case may be a Bootcamp.

You love your dog, but you struggle to control his or her behavior. You want to end the frustration, stress and embarrassment you feel when your dog misbehaves. You want a solution that works for both you and your dog.

That is exactly what we can offer you. We specialize in training dogs with behavioral problems. We temporarily take your dog into our training facility, where we provide intensive guidance and correction. Whether it's aggression, fear, or inattention, we get to the root of the problem and teach your dog new and better behaviors.

The result? A dog that listens, learns and loves. A dog you can proudly bring to any situation. A dog who is once again a happy and harmonious member of your family.

The local dog school doesn't know anymore either and would rather lose you than have you.
You have done everything but nothing helps. The neighborhood is not happy with your dog lashing out, visitors are getting less and less or still jumped on.
Bootcamp is an internal training with us. Your dog will be taken out of his environment, away from you, with which we break the vicious circle for both you and the dog.

Why this internal dog training ?

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  • You obviously want the best for your dog, but sometimes he/she exhibits behavior that you don't understand or appreciate. This can lead to stress, annoyance and sadness. Fortunately, we have the solution for you: in-house training where your dog stays with us and learns from our experienced trainers and our social pack.
  • Your dog will undergo a true transformation in a short time: from disobedient and insecure to obedient and confident. And you will be amazed by the result: a dog that listens, respects and enjoys. In addition, you will receive the necessary guidance from us to continue and optimize the training at home.


  • Because of our 35 years of experience with dogs, sporting dogs and difficult breeds, we are able to quickly see which method gives the best and fastest results.
  • Every dog is unique and for that reason alone, each training session will be tailored to your dog.

Your advantage

  • Use our knowledge to teach your dog things quickly, we the work, you no stress.
  • We solve the problem, give the dog the foundation with which you can continue to work.


  • At our boot camp, we lay the foundation for the desired results with your dog, and with our training we ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge to keep training consistently and maintain progress.
  • After boot camp, you can choose from several options to continue training your dog. You can take individual classes, where we focus on your specific goals and challenges. Or you can join our group classes, where you will learn and have fun with other dog lovers. Whatever you choose, we are here to support and advise you.
  • To continue to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed, we recommend taking some individual or group classes after boot camp. Our training sessions focus on the needs of you and your dog, and we work with you to achieve the desired results. Using proven training methods and experienced trainers, we ensure that your dog receives the best care.

For which dog owners is Bootcamp ideal ?

  • Escape the stress and break the cycle of frustration.
  • You are looking for professional intensive training with long lasting results.
  • For years you have not moved forward, now it is really enough!!!
  • You will combine your vacation with our in-house training.
  • It is not possible for YOU to attend a training session with us every week (distance, time).
  • No time to train intensively every day yourself.
  • Forget the disappointments of previous help and see the difference.

Does the above appeal to YOU, then maybe a boot camp is for your dog.

Feel free to contact at to discuss whether boot camp is for you.

Why boot camp ?

137 reviewers give us a 4.5/5

Escape the stress and break the cycle of frustration.

It is not possible for YOU to attend a dog training session with us every week (distance, time).

Forget the disappointments of previous help and see the difference.