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Everything in the field of dog training

Born 9-3-2023 a litter of malinois shepherd puppies from the combination N'xon de Sol Casa x T'Sexy de Sol Casa.
Pups can be followed online 24/7 via a live stream.

DSC-K9 Academy everything in the field of dog training.

DSC-K9 was founded by Pascalle Ruperti, with over 35 years of experience in training, training and breeding working line shepherds for sport and police. Together with her husband and son (pictured right), she has turned her experience into a training system that forms the basis for teaching your dog positive behavior.

We breed, support and train dogs ourselves for government services worldwide, but also help YOU with a puppy, pet dog or dog sport.

Working with dogs is a passion and from that passion we work. Because of our experience with many breeds, we also respect the characteristics of the breed. That knowledge we combine our basic system and fine tune it, looking at the breed and character of your dog.

We share our knowledge through individual or group training in which we lift both you and the dog to a higher level. Fun for both dog and owner is our main goal.

Does your dog have behavioral problems ?

Are you at a loss, at a dog school, dog psychologist or behaviorist you will not get anywhere. Feel free to contact us and take a look at dog training for more information.

No time or you are looking NOW a solution for your dog's behavior, then a boot camp, an in-house training program possible with us.

NEW: In cooperation with a manufacturer of dog food, we have a pressed kibble composed. We have mainly looked at the best price / quality. Look under dog food for more information.


With many races and problems. Individual solution of your problem looking at the characteristics of the breed


Malinois for Police, Army, Surveillance and Sport.
German Shepherd for Police, Sports and Household Dog.


Training dogs for Police, Army, Security and Home Protection
> 35
years of experience with dogs

different races
trained dogs and owners
>95% satisfied customers
> 50
raised their own dogs

(different races)

Why have us train you?

Individual counseling

We begin with a 1 on 1 training session with you and your dog and review what method is most appropriate for you and the dog.


You are at a loss for words ?
At a bootcamp you dog stays with us for 1-2 weeks and we work toward the desired behavior.

Small group classes

Small groups of 2-6 people where you train others together.


We came to Sol Casa with our Swiss Shepherd Apollo because he was barking and jumping at people on the leash. Although he was very fierce with Pascalle and Bob upon arrival, they took him under their wing for two weeks. By means of daily movies that we were sent we could follow the training that he received. After a few days they had gained Apollo's trust and in the following days we saw him in the videos progress more and more and become more relaxed around strangers. When we picked him up, we were given clear instructions on how to continue the process ourselves at home. His behavior on the leash is a difference of day and night. We can walk down the street past people again without having to zigzag past them.


We sent our 10-month-old German shepherd to Pascalle for a lot of biting behavior.
We were at our wit's end and then finally sent him to boot camp for a week. We are still very happy with this decision!
Both our puppy and we have learned a lot in terms of approach and education. He could not be in better hands than with Pascalle! Every day we received an update with photos and videos of how things were going. Pascalle also remains very involved afterwards and continues to follow us and give us tips. Really a must!
If we ever go on vacation, we can leave our Caio with her with peace of mind.
Thank you Pascalle for the professional and quality training!

Tine Ilijslager

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