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German Shepherd Born 13-3-2019

Social, Confident and Strong

*Update. Araks was sold to Austria at the end of August 2022.

Araks is a male imported from Russia. He impressed us with his enormous jumping power over a 315 cm wall (Unheard of for a German shepherd). Araks is a dog who is very much focused on his family, as long as he can be around he is happy. He really has a golden character, is good with children, other dogs (except other dominant males), cats, horses, chickens, goats etc.
Araks is very stable and will not easily worry about anything. Araks has a very good nose and that is why he likes tracking very much. He is very concentrated and searches everything quietly.
He also has a nice full bite.
For sport he could be a little more temperamental but he does what the boss likes and he is happy if he can make the boss happy.

From father's side German bloodlines, von der Schiffslache.
On Mother's side old East German and Tjeschian bloodlines Jipo-Me and Jirkova Dvora.

- Very confident stable male
- Social to humans and animals
- Family dog who loves to be with you.
- Extremely Good Jumper
- Nice movement, trots with long extended strides
- Straight back
- Correctly built according to the breed standard
- Imposing appearance. 


ED 0/0
Spondylosis free/free
DM n/n = carrier/carrier
DNA Profile