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Bootcamp Caucasian shepherd

Caucasian shepherd 7 months

Caucasian shepherd 7 months old.

Problem, won't go in the car.
Car sick
Lots of barking also at night.
Dealing with people other animals. (Was not really socialized, had been little on the street).

The Caucasian shepherd is still young, we see that he is sometimes aloof, which is also breed-typical.
He is very affectionate toward us, sometimes shy of other people and animals.
At 7 months, he is still young and it is still possible for us to train this dog. It is certainly not an average breed and the approach to this dog is purely based on our own experience with the Fila Brasileiro (bred 15 years) and other breeds with similar characters. A dog of this breed at 2-3 years can sometimes be more difficult or almost impossible to train for us without an owner present.

We see that we must work mainly with dog candy and apply almost no or very light pressure. With too much pressure, the dog resists. This breed at this age requires a gentle focused approach with respect for the breed and its character traits.

The video below is not a before and after video but a during video. i.e. the video shows the training with the dog, what we do to achieve the desired behavior. During a boot camp you will receive short videos daily with updates.

A quick solution
for your problem
Every day we work on the problem individually, in a group or with 1 of our dogs.
Your dog will be taken out of his environment, away from you, with which we break the vicious cycle for both you and the dog.

Problems and Solutions

Doesn't want to go in the car.

  • We found a dog treat that he loved. Several times a day we practice with the treat the car bench in and out. On the side of the car but also a bench in the back of the car.

Car sick

  • Daily drive, 1 hour before he drive take tablet for car sickness. In the car without a view outside. Our experience has shown that some dogs prone to car sickness should preferably not be able to look outside. The rapid movements outside sometimes contribute to car sickness. With tablets for car sickness we try to break the cycle. If it goes well, the use can be phased out in many cases.

Dealing with other people and animals

  • A Caucasian shepherd is a fairly independent breed. At 7 months, this male was still friendly, even a little shy. In our training we used our almost as old German shepherd male. This one is calm and stable. A walk at a complex with many horses, people and other dogs. The German shepherd gave a lot of support here, which was the intention. We worked a lot with our young German shepherd during boot camp. During the day they were also outside together to play.

Lots of barking especially at night

  • We advise anyone buying a purebred dog to be especially well informed about the breed. A Caucasian Shepherd is not an average dog. Bred primarily to independently protect herds of cattle. In that function, they have learned to bark if they hear even the slightest sound. In general, most dogs are more vigilant at night anyway. However, we also noticed that he barked a lot during the day, for that reason he sat with the 7-month-old German shepherd who hardly barks at all. Through voice correction when he barks and copying the German shepherd's behavior, the barking has decreased. The owner wants to leave the dog outside at night, we advise against this.
    some character traits of dogs cannot be changed and barking especially at night will become difficult.

Does the above appeal to YOU, then maybe a boot camp is for your dog.

Feel free to contact at to discuss whether boot camp is for you.

Why boot camp ?

Just resting and breaking vicious cycle.

It is not possible for YOU to attend a dog training session with us every week (distance, time).

Previous "professional" help brought no results.