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DSC-K9 Academy Dog Sports Training

We give IGP, KNPV and also obedience training. In addition, our trainers also have experience in other dog sports including Mondioring, Globalring, NVBK, reality and other types of dog sports.

Through the experience of our trainers in different types of dog sports, they have learned how to solve problems. Often bv.a trick from one discipline can be used in another discipline.

Pack work is something we do not offer, you can bring your packer, we will work with your packer in this case and give them the proper instruction to help you along.

DSC-K9 Academy takes you to a higher Dog Sport level
Take advantage of our international network within the different dog sports
We have our own dogs trained in various dog sports

Why DSC-K9 Academy

Individual counseling

We offer 1-on-1 training to get the most out of your dog in a short period of time


No desire or time to teach your dog Dog Sport yourself. We will teach (if your dog is suitable) the basics.


Multiple dogs trained different dog sports