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the Sol Casa

Malinois Shepherd Born 4-2-2014

High in drift, Extremely driven and Strong

N'Xon was a male from our own breeding. Unfortunately died due to an accident on the treadmill in Nov 2019

N'Xon was a special dog. Not easy to train, a strong, very strong character of his own, extremely tough but fair. In his work it was all or nothing, he would stop at nothing. On the other hand, after a bitework demonstration at our son's elementary school, the question: who wants to pet him and then 10 children gathered around him and petted him. A fantastic dog.

Extremely good and fast searcher. After his certificates KNPV and IGP (IPO) participated a various "reality" competitions. 4th Place 2018 KNPV Practice Contest (4th out of 40 participants).
Not a point sports dog type but a Malinois who was very convincing in his work but could still be social. On/off switch.

KNPV PH-1 CL 403
KNPV Object CL 389
IPO 1 96-88-83
IPO 2 93-80-88
IPO 3 92-78-90

- Very temperamental male.
- Dominant, confident, intelligent.
- Social
- Extremely Hard Steller with a tremendously hard full bite.
- Very good search dog.
- A dog who never gives up.
- Imposing appearance, a male who commands respect from people and animals.
- Healthy!


ED 0/0
Spondylosis free/free
SDCA1 & SDCA2 n/n = free
DNA Profile