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the Sol Casa

Malinois Shepherd Born 7-4-2017

Driven, Proud and Dominant

Q'Steel is a male from our own breeding.
Dam Nicky de Sol Casa x Halden NPA Detectiondog.
He came back to us at 2 years old. Until then trained exclusively positive with the result that he took the reward himself and became unmanageable for that owner. We worked a lot with him, had to look creatively for solutions. In his work, however, a dog with extreme high drives. In bite work from 0-100 in a fraction of a second.

He has since done a number of mating where pups have his work drive in addition to his looks.

Available as a stud for bitches with and without a pedigree. Frozen semen available.

- Very spirited male, with very high drives.
- Dominant, confident, intelligent.
- Hard steller with a tremendously hard full bite.
- Good jumper.
- Very good search dog.
- Very adrift in everything he does. A dog that never gives up.
- Imposing appearance, a male who commands respect from people and animals.
- Healthy!


ED 0/0
Spondylosis free/free
SDCA1 & SDCA2 n/n = free
CJM n/n = free
DM n/n = free
DNA Profile