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Night exercise 16-12-2022

VDH Schijndel organized a night exercise for IGP trained dogs on 16-12-2022. With 4 of our own dogs we participated and also one dog bred by us from a club member.

We did not know what to expect but were positively surprised by the different exercises. The organization had put everything together very well. It all went smoothly and within 2 hours the dogs were able to complete all the exercises.

Videos of the exercises can be seen on our youtube page

Not only was the evening fun, our dogs were awarded 1st place Super Striker, a 3rd spot for Toxic skylar (was accompanied by our clubmate Bayram) angelo (15 years old) had with his dog Toxic Beast a creditable 9th place. all in all a fun evening to definitely do over again.

Thanks to VDH Kringgroep Schijndel for the organization
Fun evening with nice exercises next time we will participate again.