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Results through dog training

Through my training in dog sports and training for public services, where we work together in groups, I have also been able to help other people. From this point of view and my 35 years of experience and passion for dogs, I started helping dog owners who have problems with their dog's behavior.

Of course, you can also go to a behaviorist or someone with fancy degrees from a company or academy. You probably have been there before you came to us.

The truth is that behavioral therapist is not a state-recognized education or degree. Into this hole have jumped all sorts of clever companies and people who write books, teach courses and then issue a diploma they have devised.
On paper and websites this all looks very nice and imposing, titles 1st degree, 2nd degree etc. You and I can do the exact same thing and use these terms.

In the end, nothing beats hands-on experience with dogs. Working dogs with high drive, searching, biting, turning that drive into working, teaching dogs how to behave and obey in all kinds of circumstances. You don't learn this from a book but only from practice. One dog needs a different method than another dog. Because of my 35 years of experience I know pretty quickly what works or doesn't work for your dog and especially you.

Often it is small things that give a big result, just a little different and it does work.
If your dog is described as hopeless then you may have come to the right place.
Problems are often also a combination of your dog's behavior and how YOU deal with it

Problems are also often a combination of the dog's behavior and how you handle it. This means that when you work with me you should realize that the solution may take 1, 6, 12 lessons or maybe longer and that problems can often be caused by your inconsistent or different behavior. It is usually the owners who must learn to modify their behavior, and that takes longer than training a dog.

Dogs that are trained with us and listen perfectly but once back with their owner lapse into their old behavior caused by the owner. What we often see are insecure owners who have lost confidence. Together with you we work individually, in groups on this confidence and see that if you yourself believe in it the dog will behave differently.

In exceptional cases we have also experienced that you and the dog are just not a good match. Perhaps you have too little experience, the dog is too dominant, we see that despite your best efforts it doesn't work. In those cases it might be better for the dog to live with another owner. This is the last option but can be an option instead of putting a healthy dog to sleep.

What are we looking for:

  • Dog owners looking for training with results.
  • At a normal dog school you won't get anywhere or they would rather lose you.
  • You have already been to a behaviorist, other dog trainer, without the desired results.
  • You are open to the fact that results can also take longer.
  • A Boss who knows that he/she needs to put in effort and energy of his/her own to get results.
  • Who is open to change himself if necessary in behavior and handling of the dog.

What we offer:

  • Individualized approach focused on the dog and YOUR dealings with the dog.
  • More than 30 years of practical experience including working dogs and dogs with "difficult" character.
  • Possibility of internal training (Bootcamp) for maximum fast results.
  • Training at your home, at ours, on the street, different locations.
  • Opportunity for group training, good for your self-confidence.
Dog owners looking for training with results.
Who is open to change himself if necessary in behavior and handling of the dog.
Individualized approach focused on the dog and YOUR dealings with the dog.