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About us

I am Pascalle Ruperti, the founder of DSC-K9 Academy. I would like to tell you how I discovered my love for dogs and how I learned to train them in a unique way.

I lived in Amsterdam, a dangerous neighborhood. I felt alone and unsafe. That changed when I got my first dog, an x-bouvier. He was my protector and my best friend. He made me feel that I belonged and that I was worth something. He also taught me how to interact with and understand other dogs.

Later I got a rottweiler and a Fila Brasileiro. With them I discovered the world of dog sports. I loved training and performing with my dogs. I learned how to motivate and reward them, how to correct and direct them, how to make them listen and obey.

When I moved to the Greek island of Kos, I started my own dog school and dog boarding house. There I came into contact with all kinds of breeds and characters. I learned how to adapt my training method to any dog, regardless of its background or temperament.

At DSC-K9 Academy, I now share my passion and knowledge with other dog lovers. I have developed a basic system that can turn any dog into an obedient and happy partner. I respect the characteristics of each breed and finetune my training to your dog's breed and character.
At DSC-K9 Academy you will receive individual or group training tailored to your needs. You will learn how to train your dog in a positive way, with fun for owner and dog. You will also learn how to build a bond with your dog, based on trust and respect.

> 35 years of experience in training dogs for various purposes
Long experience in breeding Fila Brasiliero and Malinois, among others.
Dogs trained in different types of dog sports, IGP (IPO) KNPV, Mondioring, Belgian Ring fieldwork, Globalring, Reality etc..

When I returned from Greece, where I had discovered my love for training other people's dogs, I decided to also continue as a hobby breeder of the Fila Brasileiro and the Malinois Shepherd. I was fascinated by their strength, intelligence and loyalty. I also wanted to discover their potential as working dogs and started KNPV with my Malinois Shepherd, Kiki. Together we achieved a lot: PH-1, IPO 3, Mondioring 1, Belgian Ring Fieldwork cat. 2 and even a few competitions in the Global ring. It was a great journey of learning, growing and enjoying.

At DSC-K9, I want to share with you my passion and expertise in dog training and handling. I know the importance of teaching your dog positive behaviors and taking them to the next level. I also know that every breed has its own characteristics and that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why I use my knowledge and experience to provide effective, customized training. Whether you choose individual or group training, I will guide and support you every step of the way. You can trust that your dog is in good hands with me.
My son Angelo passed the Brevet obedience with her at age 9 (2017) when Kiki was 11 (95/100) points.

This shows that a dog can be trained in multiple disciplines, from bite work to obedience.
Pascalle is a dog trainer with a mission: she wants to help every dog reach its full potential. Whether KNPV, IPO, Mondioring or Belgian Ring, she has done it all. And with success: she has won multiple titles with her own dogs and those of her clients.

But Pascalle is more than a trainer. She is also a mentor, a friend and an inspiration. She organizes hiking weekends in the Ardennes, where she teaches puppy owners how to understand and guide their dogs. She shares her knowledge and experience with passion and enthusiasm. She is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Pascalle is not afraid to experiment and innovate. She doesn't let traditions or dogma hold her back. She looks for the best solutions for each individual dog, regardless of discipline. She combines different methods and techniques to train and care for her dogs effectively and efficiently.

One of her biggest successes is Angelo, her son who trained his own Malinois shepherd Beast. Angelo was (2016) only 9 years old when he took his first obedience exam. He was so good that the KUSH in Belgium raised the age limit for participation to 14. But that didn't stop Angelo from continuing. He continued to train with Beast and recently (2023) won his first obedience competition.

Angelo is an example of what Pascalle can accomplish with her DSC-K9 Academy. She helps people make their dream come true: build a strong bond with their dog and have fun together (in dog sports).

Do you also want a good bond with your dog?

Then take now contact up with Pascalle and find out what she can do for you and your dog.

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Individual counseling

We begin with a 1 on 1 training session with you and your dog and look at which method is most appropriate.


You are at a loss for words ?
In a boot camp, your dog stays with us for 1-2 weeks and we work towards the desired behavior.

Small group classes

Small groups of 2-6 people where you train with others.