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DSC-K9 Detection Training

Detection training must be taught to a dog. Not every dog is suitable for this, a good nose and especially perseverance , wanting to keep working is necessary. The basis is to teach a dog to point. Dogs that are taught to detect products are allowed to use these NEVER fetch but must refer/indicate them.

Detection training is done using a roadmap similar to the one used in police detection dog training, among other things.

For learning to point, there are several methods we can use depending on the dog.
Dogs that have learned to retrieve must first be taught pointing. This seems simple but depending on the dog (from my own experience) it can take some time.

For teaching pointing, we use, among other things, a cabinet with small compartments. In these compartments the product we use to teach the dog to detect is placed.

The advantage of this cabinet is, the dog has to place the nose between the trays in the compartment with the product. The product is deep enough that the dog cannot reach it.

Has the dog mastered referral, follow the search wall. A larger area, angles to make it more difficult.

DSC-K9 Academy teaches you detection
Learning to detect is built using a step-by-step plan
Own dogs trained in practical detection work

In our academy we have lockers, high and low drawer cabinets in addition to the closet, search wall. Kitchenette with high cabinets, cans etc.

When learning detection, the level of difficulty goes up step by step. Products lying high or just very low to the ground. Hidden in a can or box.

A product lying e.g. on a pallet rack in a large room. Just like in a house you can have to deal with air currents. A dog can smell a product from meters away in an open space via an air current.

In a smaller space, a product may be on the left behind a cost while the dog will search on the right because of airflow.

Step by step, we teach you and your dog to learn to detect through different levels.

Why DSC-K9 Academy

Individual counseling

We offer 1:1 training to get the most out of you and your dog in a short period of time


No desire or time to teach your dog detection yourself. We teach (if your dog is suitable) the basics.

Small group classes

Small groups of 2-6 people where you train with others.