Overzicht desolcasaWelcome to Malinois Kennel de Sol Casa

We are active Malinois breeders. We have stopped breeding the Fila Brasileiro as of 2019. The Malinois is the ideal sportdog and is very suitable for training, policework, security, trackingdog etc. Many of our Malinois are now being used as Police dogs in USA, Belgium, Sweden, Germany but also in IGP, KNPV, Mondioring, Aglity and obedience.

  • We live in Oudsbergen (Opglabbeek) and have 12000 m2 fenced area where the dogs live. During the day they are outside in several playing area's, during the night they sleep in kennels in the underground garage of our house. Warm in winter, cool in the summer.
  • For training we have an 375m2 indoor training area where dogs can be trained all year. We also rent our training hal. Ideal if you are looking for indoor training during winter or evening.
  • Going on Holiday and looking for a dog Hotel? On request we can house a few dogs, optionally also in our own house.
  • You have a problem raising your dog, increase your training level. We can give individual training to you and your dog.
  • Bootcamp, your dog will stay with us for the agreed time and together with you we will make a training programm and set goals.


  • We breed malinois suitable for Police work or dog sports like IPO, Mondioring, KNPV etc.
  • DNA is mandatory in Belgium so you will have a 100% guarantee who the parents are.
  • All our breedings dogs are x-rayed, results can be donwloaded from our site, this also applies for the pedigree's and dna profiles.
  • When breeding a litter, we have a special room in our house (next to our Kitchen) where pups are born.
  • Our website will show a live 24/7 webcam of the litter, so you can see how they do and how they develop.
  • EU regulations don't allow us to export puppies outside Belgium before the age of 15 weeks. Starting at week 9 we will begin puppy training so your puppy will learn his name, basic commands sit, down, heel, come here,stay, crate training, socialisation training,  etc.

Looking for a older (trained) dog for Policework.

Thru our network we sometimes have dogs looking for a new owner. When suitable we will take the dog, train them so we learn their behavior and see if this is a suitable dog for you.

Due to the legislation and the mentality in Norway to dogs and especially to high drive workingdogs, we have decided that our workingdogs do not fit in such an environment and that is why we no longer sell dogs to Norway.