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Why DSC-K9 Dog Food

A good (no nonsense) kibble at a fair price.

There are many types of dog food on the market, pressed or baked kibble or fresh meat. For years we have been concerned with nutrition for our (sports) dogs. Over the years we have tested many types of kibble, with different results. One dog likes this brand, the other has bad stools on another brand. We have also given fresh meat for a long time, with generally very good results.
Fresh meat alone is not enough, we also added minerals and vitamins to make everything complete (a lot of work). We tried the combination of fresh meat with kibble, something we also liked very much....

The prices of all kibble, as well as fresh meat, have risen significantly. We, too, took another look at nutrition due to the high prices.

Together with a dog food manufacturer, we started testing. Foremost was a good / price quality ratio. The dogs must like it, good stool, good coat and look healthy. So it certainly did not become the cheapest kibble.

We looked at a lot of other brands of kibble, analyzed the contents. In general, we see: The well-known expensive brands do mostly advertising and sponsorship, beautiful packaging, to convince you that they are the best. You have to pay for that advertising; however, the quality often does not justify the high price.

On the other hand, there are brands that claim to be the best at the lowest price, cheap, cheaper and cheapest.

There should be a balance between price and quality. A really low price always comes at the expense of quality, which you can usually tell from the vague content description.

Our model is simple, we have our food produced directly from a dog food manufacturer. Our manufacturer is a flexible family business, also produces for some well-known brands, does not have expensive premises and vendors. There is no wholesaler in between who also needs to earn.

We struck a good balance between price and quality. Pretty marketing stories and pictures we don't do that.

U heeft keuze tussen de Sportbrokken met 24% eiwit en 10% vet of de High Energy met 26% eiwit en 15% vet.
Voor de meeste active honden is de sportbrok ruim voldoende. Is uw hond de hele dag buiten actief, sport u veel met uw hond dan kan de High energy de juiste keuze zijn.

In developing it, we looked for a good
price / quality
Extensively tested on our own (sport) dogs and dogs we breed with.
No expensive marketing that you end up paying for anyway.


The latest marketing is adding cranberries, blueberries, white asparagus, apple and other exotic products, among others. If you look at the % on the packaging, you will see that 1 kg often contains no more than 1 or 2 grams. However, on the packaging it is depicted with pictures nice and big, making you think there is a lot of a lot in it.

Ask yourself the question: what influence does 1 gram or even 0,5 gram of apple, cranberry etc have on 1 kg in nutrition ?
Does your dog get 300 grams of food per day = 0.3 grams of cranberry, blueberries at a time. How does this small amount affect your dog's health ? It is clever marketing to give you the impression that it is healthy and good for your dog.

So with us no cranberry or apple for marketing but also no cheap poultry or chicken fat, but meat protein preferably from 1 meat source, beef. We have found that some of our dogs especially have problems with kibble that contains chicken meat (protein) and poultry fat, but not all dogs do well on the grain-free kibble either (which is often promised).

We also did not go with the fashion of a grain-free kibble, which in some cases (brands) also increased risk of heart failure (DCM) can give. Dogs have been domesticated over thousands of years so their digestion is also adapted to processing starch from grains. Grain-free kibble with e.g. potato or rice also contains starch just like wheat products.

However, we do use soy, flaxseed and salmon oil for a good mix of extra fats, especially omega 3 and 6 to promote good health in your dog.

After long testing, including on our own dogs, we came to this composition. Our and other dogs do well on it, droppings have a good texture and color. Their coat is good and they like to eat it.

Will this kibble be suitable for all dogs, no

We do not sell fairy tales or make false promises. Some dogs do well on this brand, others on another brand. After much testing we see that, the food for most dogs, be a healthy and nutritious kibble, with especially good price/quality.

Cold pressed kibble

Our kibble is cold pressed. Compared to baked kibble, the lower temperature of pressing ensures that vitamins, minerals and other ingredients remain intact. Further advantages of pressing compared to baked kibble are less energy needed (thus less co2 emissions), more compact = less space = lower transportation costs.

No expensive nice dog food bag

We also think about the environment, so we keep it simple.
No fancy colored print with fantasy pictures. A neutral bag is cheaper and also more environmentally friendly because we do not use inks. We use a transparent plastic bag, which you can recycle through the blue bag (Belgium).
Many paper bags still have a plastic component, making separation and recycling impossible.
We believe that what matters to you and your dog is the contents of the bag and the best value for money. Every penny helps in this regard.

What's in our food / we use these ingredients
How much kibble should I give my dog enter
What are the % fat, protein, additives, check out the Label.
What does our feed cost, view the price list

Why the DSC-K9 dog food?

Meat and fat

We use only beef and fat in addition to fish meal and salmon oil. No cheap chicken and poultry meat (protein) and fat

Salmon Oil

We add salmon oil for the good LHA and BCA Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Good price / quality

Good tested consistent quality at a competitive price.