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Lex from the Hornhütte

German Shepherd Born 26-8-2021

Tough, Stable and Strong

Lex is an impressive appearance, a true German shepherd who can switch seamlessly between work and family dog. In the field he is a real powerhouse, but at home he transforms into a wonderfully calm dog.This confident and social male combines strength with intelligence.

Lex is known for his impressive push bite and fast and hard attacks. Despite his high work drive, he also has a strong will to please.

This spirited male does not shy away from anything, whether it is ordinary training, practical work or tracking. He dedicates himself wholeheartedly to everything he does.

Lex has a great on and off button, making him a versatile companion.

- Self-assured stable male.
- Social.
- High work ethic.
- Straight back.
- Correctly built according to the breed standard
- 65 cm Withers height
- 38 Kg

Lex is in training knpv Ph1

Owner: Arie van Eyk (contact us for contact information)


ED 0/0
Spondylosis free
DM n/n = free
DNA Profile