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Quantity of dog food

One of the most frequently asked questions is how much food should I give my dog ?

On most packages there is a table with an indication of the quantity. You should also really read this as an indication.
The amount of food your dog needs depends on many factors.

- If your dog sits inside a lot, gets little exercise, it will also need less food.
- If you have an active dog that sits outside all day then it will consume more energy and therefore need more food.
- A dog that is outside in the summer will be less active in warm weather than in the fall so it will burn less energy.
- A dog that is outside in the fall and winter will need to keep warm and burn more energy.
- A dog that lives mostly indoors and only goes outside for a walk will need almost the same amount of nutrition year-round.

Thus, there are many other factors that affect the amount of food your dog needs. We ourselves see that 1 of our 60 kg molossers, who is mostly indoors and not very active, needs almost the same amount of food as an active 35 kg Malinois who is outside all day.

Feeding you do with the eye. i.e. you look at the dog and how it looks. You can use the image below for this.

From left to right.

Red - If you see too many ribs on the dog and the line on the hindquarters is slumped then your dog is too skinny and you need to feed more.

Orange - In dog sport there are dogs that are in the orange section. Keep in mind that if you have bitches in heat, the dog eats badly and can lose weight quickly. But also if the dog is sick, eats badly and has few reserves left, while these are needed.

Green - shows the ideal situation

Orange - Your dog is already slightly overweight, reduce the amount of food and possibly combine that with more exercise

Red - Your dog is overweight, drastically reduce the amount of food and provide much more exercise.

Be careful not to increase or decrease the amount of feed too quickly and too much to avoid a yo-yo effect.

The amount of feed to be given depends on many factors.
Active dogs consume more energy.
Feed by eye, check that your dog is not too thin or too fat.


Weight of dog - Daily ration (indicative to use)

1-5 Kg
5-10 Kg
10-20 Kg
20-40 Kg
40-60 Kg

35-110 gr
110-195 gr
195-330 gr
545-780 gr

Why the DSC-K9 dog food?

Beef and fish meat/fat

We use only beef and fat in addition to fish meal and salmon oil. No cheap chicken and poultry meat and fat

Soybean, Linseed and Salmon Oil

Soy and Linseed oil for ALA Omega 3, Salmon oil for the good LHA and BCA Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Good price / quality

Good tested consistent quality at a competitive price.