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DSC-K9 Academy Detection and Tracking

In addition to behavioral training for your dog (and you), we offer detection (search) and tracking training.

Detection (Search) and tracking is part of many dog sports such as IGP, Mondioring, KNPV, NVBK with each sport doing it slightly differently. With our dogs we have and still do different dog sports.

Besides the sport, over the years we have also trained and sold dogs specifically for detection and tracking work in practice (Police / Army, Security Services). This involves training both for tracking people but also detecting objects, such as money, narcotics, explosives, etc.

Training dogs for practice requires a different approach than sports. Although there are similarities with dog sports, practice detection and tracking is different. We work with leading trainers at home and abroad, some of whom also use dogs bred by us. The picture on the right shows a passive drug dog bred by us. This dog searches crowds of people for narcotics. By indication, the dog points out to the suspect where the substance is located, shoe, left pocket, right pocket behind etc.

We offer the opportunity to learn detection and or tracking according to methods used in government services.

The training program was developed in collaboration with our global network within government agencies. This gives you, excluding the unique opportunity to have the latest insights and training methods. The network, consists of dog trainers within army and police, who work together, with the goal of taking each other to an even higher (practical) level.

Learn from practice at the DSC-K9 Academy

DSC-K9 Academy teaches detection and practical tracking
Use our international network within the army and police for the latest training methods
Own dogs trained in practical detection and tracking work

Why DSC-K9 Academy

Individual counseling

We offer 1:1 training to get the most out of your dog in a short period of time


No desire or time to teach your dog detection or tracking yourself. We will teach (if your dog is suitable) the basics.

Small group classes

Small groups of 2-6 people where you train with others.